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Gumasta, Firm or NGO Registration Consultant

Gumasta, Firm or NGO Registration

Gumasta License is governed by the Municipal Corporation Establishment Act 1948. Its give you Certification for the doing the business through your shop or business place. Even if you want to start a small new trading business or service based business, in the starting before any tax registration you have to require the Gumasta License so you can open a current bank account on your firm name. Even these days lot of the people are in cab business and want to attach their car with Ola Cabs so it’s also required the gumasta license. So Let’s Learn about How to Apply for the Gumasta License .

Firm Registration Delievers faster, more transparent, more efficient and better administration to public with citizen-oiented approach.

NGO Registration Provides best practices across Government and society in various sectors thereby transforming the way Government works in order to deliver better quality services to all its citizens.

As per section 12(1) of the National Trust Act any voluntary organisation or the association of parents of persons with disabilities or the "Association of Persons with disabilities working in the field of autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and multiple disabilities" already registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860(21 of 1860), or section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956(1 of 1956), or as a Public Charitable Trust and under Persons With Disability Act, 1995 in the concerned state can apply for registration in National Trust by filling online form alongwith form `E’ (generated by the system) duly signed and stamped by the President/General Secretary of the organisation.

Advantages :

Let's look at some of the advantages of having a Gumasta, Firm or Society Registration Consultant.

Save time :opening, entering and sorting out illegible or inaccurate forms can be very time consuming, so just by eliminating these processes off your duties you are set to get at least 4 less administrative work hours per week.
Free Online registration : you can pass the small registration fee to your participant, half the fee between you and the participant, or pay the small fee yourself.
Secure online payment processing 24/7 :Active Network payment system is PCI DSS compliant and possesses Secure Socket Layer technology.
Centralised data management :collect participants data and payments; view number of remaining participant places; analyse participants and payments reporting; assign participants with bib numbers; e-mail the participants’ database and more.
Improve event efficiency :the time and money saved on data entry administrative tasks can be used for better the event, contact more sponsors, prepare more activities, reply faster to participants.
Customised online registration :a good online registration provider will permit full customisation of your event registration page to the look and feel you want to give it.
Detailed reporting :The system should provide an insightful reporting into payments received and due, refunds given, multi-event analysis and all other reporting tools essential to efficiently manage a successful event.
Improve marketing efforts :with the ability to e-mail the database via a central management system, organisers will not only notify participants of future events, but also track their open rates and response.
Fundraising and donation option :collect donations, track donor information and sell fundraising merchandise online during the sports registration process online through a trusted provider.
Set up online surveys :to get to know better your participants interests and measure your participants experience at the event, a good online registration system will also integrate an online survey tool.

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