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Advanced Mysql Database Courses

Advanced Mysql Database

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). MySQL is written in C and C++. Major features as available in MySQL are Cross-platform support, triggers, Query caching, Built-in Replication support and Unicode support. This course is basically designed for all the beginners and experts who want to learn Mysql. In this course we’ll learn several concepts of MySql like DDL, DML, LIMIT, ORDER BY, GROUP BY, ALIASES, UNION, JOINS IN MYSQL, CONSTRAINTS, LOGICAL OPERATORS, COMPARISON OPERATOR, COMMIT, SAVEPOINT and ROLLBACK, VIEWS AND SUBQUERIES, STORED PROCEDURE AND TRIGGERS, EVENTS IN MYSQL, AGGREGATE FUNCTIONS, DATE & TIME, MYSQL ADMINISTRATION, PRIVILLEGES IN MYSQL, BACKUP IN MYSQL, and so many other important topics of mysql. So start your journey with mysql today. Happy learning!!

EPDS is a perfect IT & Computer Training Institute in Bhopal. Our main target is to provide thorough knowledge of PHP & MYSQL to our students at any cost. So, we have hired industry experts and are providing industrial trainings in PHP, major and minor projects in PHP for our students.

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