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New PAN Card Correction/Data Update Services Consultant

PAN Card

PAN has become an essential part of any financial transaction, it is now mandatory to obtain a PAN for yourself. In the light of the fact that PAN Card has become an essential document, EPDS PAN services started its operations in November 2012 to facilitate individuals in applying for PAN Card online. EPDS PAN Services aims to make the process of applying for PAN Card smooth and easy by providing support throughout the process. The services rendered include processing of application forms for those who are applying for new PAN card, corrections and changes to their existing PAN and request for duplicate or replacement of lost or damaged PAN card. Moreover, it is a widely recognized photo identity and proof of address.

EPDS has identified the difficulty that people have in acquiring their PAN cards, be it a new /lost /damaged PAN card. We have created an online service which is a complete guide to all PAN related queries. There is also a clear FAQ section which answers every possible issue. EPDS PAN services is the ONLY online PAN processing agent other than the government appointed NSDL and UTI ITSL. People pay exorbitant prices for poor quality of service whereas an EPDS PAN service is complete with a customer care at a nominal price.

New Pancard

New Pan Card has become an essential part of any financial transaction, it is now mandatory to obtain a PAN for yourself. Moreover, it is a widely recognized photo identity and proof of address. EPDS facilitates you to apply for a new PAN Card in 3 simple steps. Individuals who have never applied for a PAN Card before and currently don't have a PAN card can apply online.

Changes or Correction

Chages or Correction For a valid PAN Card, get your details updated.To make the process of making any change/correction to your PAN Card simple and easy, EPDS provides you with this facility in 3 simple steps. This facility is applicable for individuals who are citizens of India and are residing in India. A new PAN card with the same PAN number is issued and corrected data is updated in the Income Tax Department’s database.

Lost or Damage

Lost or Damage EPDS simplifies the process for re-issue of a new PAN card and makes it easy with a few clicks of a button. You can apply for a re-issue of PAN card if it is Lost or Damaged at any time in India.


Let's look at some of the advantages of having a New PAN Card Correction/Data Update Services Consultant.

1. The PAN card carries your photograph, name and address. Hence it serves as a nationally accepted proof of identity.
2. Without a PAN card, you will be taxed at the highest rate possible. If you pay TDS (tax deducted at source), that cannot be counted without a PAN card and you may end up paying tax twice.
3. The PAN number is unique to every PAN card holder. Your name and address may change; your card may get lost or stolen; but the PAN will remain unchanged. So, the possibility of misuse is rare.
4. As an ID proof, the PAN card is sure, dependable, nationally recognized and unchanging.
5. With a valid PAN card, you can easily enter into different financial transactions. You can obtain landline and cell phone connection; you can open demat account; you can buy and sell property and share and much more.
6. If you are NRI, you can easily buy property or engage in business in India with the help of your PAN card without filing tax returns.
7. A minor account can be opened and operated easily with the PAN card of the guardian.
8. Not only does the PAN have all these great advantages, but also it is necessary to carry on most of the normal transactions. The process has been highly simplified. So, you should make no delay in getting your PAN card.

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